If you consider yourself to follow a form of paganism or you simply love celtic traditions, you will be familiar with the legend of the battle between the Holly and the Oak King🌿This battle occurs during the winter solstice (and midsummer)The Oak King (green man) represents fertility and light, defeating the Holly King at the winter solstice to prepare us for the light and new life to eventually come in the new year🌻The Holly king is said to be the inspiration behind santa Claus, as he is typically seen dressed in red with white fur, and accompanied with stag🦌This candle has been finished off with carnelian for vitality, confidence and empowerment💖________________________ Purchasing wiccanwicks items shows that you have read all additional information regarding the product, processing, shipping, returns and candle care. Wiccanwicks was created to offer pet friendly & eco-friendly candles. Due to this, there are no artificial fragrances in my candles and any scent that is present comes from the natural herbs only. Every candle burns with the magical, Wiccanwicks shimmer & each 3.5oz candle will burn for 20-25 hours if cared for correctly. Every order has a maximum of 10 workng days processing time, this is due to being a one-person business and homemaking each product per order. If you have a special event that you need the candles for, please let me know ahead of time and I will try my best to rush your order through. Wiccanwicks is a UK based business and therefore any orders over seas should expect up to 28 workng days for arrival after shipping. Please use all necessary advise given regarding candle safety and care (available here on the website and at the bottom of your candle tin), if unsure please ask. Never pick candles up when burning as the candle tin will become very hot. Never remove crystals when burning or just lit - they will conduct the heat. Never leave your candle unattended, around children or pets. Keep away from drafts & any other objects.  Burn all candles during their first burn for at least 1 - 2 hours to prevent tunneling. Please keep in mind that candles will have slight differences due to being homemade and all crystals will be different in look, size and shape.  Love & Light, Shirleen at Wiccanwicks xoxo(wiccanwicksart@outlook.com

The Holly King🌿