Introducing the new elemental maxi tealight set. 


Each tealiight represents an element: green for earth, white for air, red for fire & blue for water. 

Every herb and flower on these corresponds with the element; and as you may know the elements play a very important role within magickal practices. 


The bonus of Wiccanwicks candles; is that they burn with an amazing shimmer. They glisten into the night like nothing you've ever seen before; making them amazing for meditaton, spellwork and relaxation. 


These are GIANT tealights and are a lot bigger than the normal tealights sold here at wiccanwicks.

Crystals are not included in these candles (just like my normal tealights) but there is a drop down option to add on for £2.50 to recieve 4 randomly chosen tumblestones that correspond with earth, air, fire and water.




Purchasing wiccanwicks items shows that you have read all additional information regarding the product, processing, shipping, returns and candle care. Wiccanwicks was created to offer pet friendly & eco-friendly candles. Due to this, there are no artificial fragrances in my candles and any scent that is present comes from the natural herbs only.Any other questions or enquiries feel free to get in touch via

Love & Light



Maxi tealight set 🌍🕯