Halloweentown has been homemade with love and created specifically for the new Halloween / Samhain range at Wiccanwicks.

This candle has been inspired by one of my favourite films and released as a last minute treat to end October with a bang! The last halloween creation of 2020. Guaranteed to be with my UK customers by halloween. Unfortunately this one will not arrive with my international customers in time - but if you don't want to miss out on this cute and spooky special edition - remember that spooky season is forever, not just for October!


Created in a pale red/pink colour with a dark red sparkly burn!

As you know, my candles are pet friendly and therefore do not contain any artificial scents; any scent that is present within your candle is from the natural, dried herbs only.


Some of the herbs in your candle include:


Pinecone, black mallow, pumpkin seeds, orange reindeer moss and cloves - giving a subtle, spicy scent!


 Your candle is presented in a 3.5oz gold container and infused with the crystal energy of Black Obsidian.

Some of the properties include: Grounding | Cleansing the aura | Protection | Shielding against negativity| Healing |


Halloweentown has then been finished off with a delightful little homemade pumpkin with 'halloween' underneath- reminding me of the halloweentown pumpkin and sign from the film.


This is homemade with soy wax and will burn down naturally with the rest of the candle; leaving a dark grey/black shimmer behind!


 Handmade per order in Wales, UK with a 1-2 week processing time. This is to allow myself, as a one person operation to source the products and craft your unique candles.Please note that since COVID-19, I have decided to order my stock based on the amount of orders I recieve during my ordering slots. This means that once my ordering slot has ended, I will then source the products and will then begin the making process. If you have any questions regarding estimated shipping time, please let me know! Made with ethically sourced soy wax with absolutely no additional additives and a lead-free cotton ring-spun wick.

Pet friendly, vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable.

20-25+hour burn time.

Love & Light,