Frequently asked questions

Do I need to remove the crystal from my candle before use?

No, you can use your candle with the crystal inside. Your candle does not reach a high enough heat to cause damage or melting, and it will simply sink to the bottom as the wax melts - you can then collect it when your candle has fully finished. Some of my products however, do specify that certain items should be removed at certain points - so if ever in doubt, read the descriptions or contact me. For example : Crystaltopia has huge rough pieces of crystals which are secure inside the candle. At a certain point, the candle will melt enough to loosen these and they could fall and disturb the wick. For this candle, when you have burned it down enough for this to happen it should be unlit and left to cool down, for the crystals to then be removed.

Will the herbs catch fire?

Herb candles are very popular within the homemade candle market - for those who have never tried them, they can seem daunting. The herbs and flowers that I include in my candles are for decoration and for a subtle scent. My candles do not contain any of the normal toxic ingredients that most everyday candles contain and are created in the most natural way possible. For myself, I always find it funny that people are worried about natural dried herbs, but not the carcinogens from normal candles :p The herbs and flowers when burning will just sink with the wax, and are always placed away from the direct candle light. (you can see burning videos from myself and customers via instagram). If in the odd occasion a small amount catches fire - it will just smoke and wilt (similar to a smudge stick). Of course, there is also the option of removing items if you would prefer. There are herbs that are seen as highly flammable when near fire (such as bay leaves) which I stay away from. While I hope this reassures you, please keep in mind that ALL candles no matter what is in them / on top of them need to be correctly supervised, looked after and all candle safety and warnings followed precisely.

My candle is finished. How do I get the crystal & will it be damaged?

No, your crystal will not be damaged! The crystal simply sinks to the bottom of the candle and once it has fully finished (and is cool!) you can pick it out and wipe it over with a damp cloth to remove the soy wax. I don't advise running under / soaking in water as some crystals can become damaged by water contact.

Is your packaging discreet?

My shipping boxes have 'WICCANWICKS' & 'WICCANWICKS WONDERS' painted on the front. If you are buying a surprise gift, or you're still in the wiccan closet - feel free to contact me and I will send your items in a plain box :)

How long will my order take to be delivered, as an international customer?

I use Royal Mail and they aim to deliver from the UK within 7 working days. Your parcel can then take between 1 - 4 weeks to arrive at your home, as it also depends on the time your parcel is kept in customs. If you wish to have your parcel tracked, let me know for updated postage costs. If ordering for a specific event, please keep this and the processing time in mind. If you're looking for a last minute birthday gift and have considered the postage time but not the making time - contact me and I will do my best to rush the order through. If you have any other questions regarding international post please visit the shipping & delivery page / christmas page / contact me :)

Do you exchange free products for publicity via social media?

Nope! I feel reviews from customers are more effective. Every review published here is from a genuine, paying customer. I do currently have one 'promoter' via instagram. She has been a very regular customer for quite some time now, and I love the quality of the photos and videos that she posts to her instagram. I decided to offer her some free products (as she deserves it!) and a discount code to offer her followers. If ever I want to expand this in the future I will release a promoter search via instagram.

Do you sell to other shops and wholesalers?

Nope! Wiccanwicks products are unique to wiccanwicks and are therefore only sold via and posted on my instagram @wiccanwicks (: If you see them posted elsewhere or being sold elsewhere, they are not my products.

Do you cater to large events?

I am more than happy to cater to large events. If you are interested in this, please contact me with plenty of time with estimated numbers and dates so I can give you a quote. Please be aware if you choose to go ahead with the booking, a non-refundable deposit (that will be deducted from your total payment) needs to be secured. Please also consider the fact that I am a one person business and homemake all products when deciding the due dates - enquire well in advance.

My candle is only burning down the middle, and not around the sides. What can I do?

Oh no, the dreaded tunnel! Only joking - this is quite common with candle burning and is called 'tunneling'. Although it is quite common - it can be avoided with correct burning techniques. Have you ever lit a candle while you're getting ready, then you need to leave in a rush and you blow it out having only burned for a few minutes? Yep, that's how tunneling happens. The very first burn of your candle is so important! Your candle 'remembers' how it burned the first time and will continue to burn in the same style and shape. To ensure an even and full wax pool, I suggest burning your candle for 1 hour per inch of container diameter. EG - if the diameter of the candle is 3 inches, burn the candle for 3 hours before blowing it out. In general my 8.8oz candles should be burned for 3 hours for the first burn and 2 hours for my 3.5oz. The larger the candles, the longer this time frame. If in doubt, get your measuring tape out or contact me! :)