Purchasing wiccanwicks items shows that you have read all additional information regarding the product, processing, shipping, returns and candle care. Wiccanwicks was created to offer pet friendly & eco-friendly candles. Due to this, there are no artificial fragrances in my candles and any scent that is present comes from the natural herbs only.

Every candle burns with the magical, Wiccanwicks shimmer & each 3.5oz candle will burn for 20-25 hours if cared for correctly.

Every order has a maximum of 10 working days processing time, this is due to being a one-person business and homemaking each product per order.

If you have a special event that you need the candles for, please let me know ahead of time and I will try my best to rush your order through.

Wiccanwicks is a UK based business and therefore any orders over seas should expect up to 28 working days for arrival after shipping.

Please use all necessary advise given regarding candle safety and care (available here on the website and at the bottom of your candle tin), if unsure please ask.

Burn all candles during their first burn for one hour per one inch in diameter to prevent tunneling.

Please keep in mind that candles will have slight differences due to being homemade and all crystals will be different in look, size and shape. 

Love & Light,

Shirleen at Wiccanwicks



All orders have up to 10 working days processing - this is to allow time to make, package and send your order.

Depending on how busy orders are and time management, you will often receive your order before this - however, please plan and expect the 10 working day estimation. 

I offer worldwide shipping and have sent to a range of places all over the world!

If you would like to buy an item and  need more information regarding postage costs, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If upon checkout you are alerted that I don't ship to your area - don't worry! 

Drop me a message and I will happily add it for you within 24 hours. 

All parcels are sent as STANDARD UNTRACKED  If you would like a tracking number / signed for please contact me and I will give you the updated postage costs. 

Shipping for international customers can take between 1-4 weeks to arrive. This is due to shipping time from the UK and whether it is held in customs. If ordering for a specific event, please take this into consideration as well as the processing time (making). 


Postage costs vary depending on your location and  the weight of the parcel - this will be automatically added for you upon checkout.

This allows you to add items to your cart and see the total cost before checking out. 
Your postage cost covers the exact amount that I will be charged to send your order with currently no additional charges or packaging fees. 
Please keep in mind that 2kg is the highest weight shipping providers will accept - this is for UK & international customers. 

This sounds like a lot - but candles are pretty heavy - especially crystal candles!

If ordering a large amount; please contact me beforehand.

I choose not to use a private parcel company (this is why you do not automatically get a tracking number) I choose to use Royal Mail as it is in my opinion,  trustworthy.

The safety of your parcels is very important to me. 


I have not currently experienced a product return, however if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase - please contact me.  I am happy to provide a replacement, all I ask is that postage costs are paid by the customer.

If a refund / store credit  is agreed upon, this does not include the cost  paid for postage. 


Please note however, I do not refund due to change of mind, damage created by yourselves, customs or shipping providers. (compensation can be claimed). 

I package your parcels very well; and have not had this issue up to date. 

I choose to not refund due to change of mind as I make items per order and therefore spend the time, energy and costs making the items for you. 


All candles will differ slightly in look due to being homemade and all crystals will be different in shape, size and overall look. 


For the safety of your parcel the return address is always on the side of the box.


This website supports PayPal transactions and if you choose to checkout via credit / debit card, this automatically works through Stripe (which is similar to PayPal).
The only details I receive from an order is the item bought, name and address. I never have access to your bank information.

This website is also McAfee Secure. 

If you become a member and choose to save your details for easy, quick checkouts - I cannot see this information & it is completely private to you only.


Your address and all other personal information is kept private and never released to third parties. 
I will be the only person who will have access to your address to send your products. 
All data protection principles are strictly followed under The Data Protection Act 2018.

If you wish to unsubscribe from my mailing list, please contact me and I will delete all email details - no questions asked!

You're responsible for providing me with the correct delivery address upon checkout. Please contact me with the correct address asap if you have entered it incorrectly. 

If this has failed to be changed and your parcel is sent to the wrong address given, I cannot take responsibility for  this.

Royal mail will always leave your parcel in a safe place / take it back to the depot with a note through your door. 

If for whatever reason this fails and your parcel is returned back to me - it will be subject to additional postage costs to be resent. 


Please do not use any of Wiccanwicks materials without consent. 

Copying designs or any other original Wiccanwicks products will be subject to copyright law. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information; do not hesitate to contact me.