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You can use the form below to enquire about a custom idea you have. You can give as little / much information as you want and using the information given / what I feel would go best will = the price of your overall candle. The price you will be quoted will be taking into consideration the cost of extra supplies (such as different crystals) this ranges from £25-£40 for 8.8oz candles. I aim to get back to all custom requests within 3-4 working days and the normal waiting period is 2-4 weeks for a custom candle, if it is for a birthday gift please enquire well in advance.

Custom candle payments are needed before I start buying the supplies and designing the candle - you can pay in full once you have decided you want to go ahead (via paypal) or you can pay a percentage of what you can afford at the time as a non-refundable deposit. This deposit is non-refundable if the customer pulls out of the agreement, but it will be deducted from the overall total price if everything goes to plan. 

Please note: I do not recycle custom designs. If you would like a Gemini candle for example, it would need to be completely different from the custom design at the top.