A B O U T  W I C C A N W I C K S

Wiccanwicks  has been created to offer truly pet friendly products, that are safe for us, our pets and the environment. 

I am a long-term vegan myself; passionate about Wicca & doing everything I can in day to day life to inflict as little damage to the environment as possible. 

Before and during the start of Wiccanwicks, I spent a lot of time concentrating on a career in animal health. I studied animal care, animal management and eventually veterinary nursing. 

During these times, I became more aware of everyday dangers that can occur for our pets, and I wanted to make the safest possible haven for my furry best friend. 

As a student without a disposable income; I started by purchasing the most minimal amount of products possible, stirring my wax with a chopstick (which you will see is still what I use to this day!) and making candles in recycled jam jars, knowing absolutely nothing about the process.

I eventually practised enough, that I was happy to share them with Instagram and the response was overwhelming!

My signature sparkly wax and unique videos is what drew people in to begin with, and I then had the opportunity to spread the word about the dangers of everyday, normal products. 

I firstly opened an Etsy account and I then moved onto my own website in August 2018.

I am excited to see the future for Wiccanwicks and I thank everyone who supports my creations from the bottom of my heart. 


Tilly is the inspiration behind Wiccanwicks and has always been my furry best friend from the age of 12.

Having Tilly in my life is what inspired me to begin making my own 'pet friendly' candles and is also what inspired the face of my logo. 

Unfortunately, Tilly is no longer with me today as she was diagnosed with cancer.

We fought this together with chemotherapy but eventually this could no longer maintain it. 

I had to make the decision to have her put to sleep in May 2019, a month before her 14th birthday. 

Once her cancer had spread to the lungs, she became even more sensitive to everyday products, to which I'm glad that I managed to introduce safe candles to the home a long time before this.

She will always be my best friend, the inspiration and face of Wiccanwicks. 



Although I agree that normal shop candles are beautiful, cheap and easily accessible - they are commonly made with paraffin wax which is an oil waste product.

This substance releases toxins which are known carcinogens into the environment. 

Common shop candles not only regularly include this substance, but they also include highly concentrated and tampered with fragrance oils which also have proven health risks for our pets and even for us. 

There have been some amazing resources stating the symptoms we can experience from using these candles which can include dizziness, headaches, respiratory issues and allergic reactions. 

If these candles have been proven to cause issues to human health; imagine the effects they can cause on a pet who is much smaller in size, with a smaller lung capacity and the inability to remove themselves from the home. 

I would love for you to read up further on these issues if you would like to, and if you are in need of any resources; feel free to contact me. 


Wiccanwicks candles are made with 100% ethically sourced soy wax, natural colourants, biodegradable glitter and NO FRAGRANCES- making them safe to use around yourself, allergy sufferers, pets and children (with fire safety care of course). 

The candles you will find here are as natural as can be; with a beautiful natural scent coming from the dried herbs used only (e.g lavender, rose petals).

The products I use for my candles are expensive and high quality, including luxury  fair trade vanilla pods which add the most beautiful, natural and sweet smell to my candles.  

I also use a range of wicks, that I have experimented with and best suited to each one of my candles - these wicks are lead free; made with the highest quality ring-spun cotton and include a self-trimming finish as it burns to prevent carbon build up. 

All products are presented in candle glasses/tins which are plastic free and can be washed and reused. If purchasing tealights, you will notice these are made of recycled and recyclable plastics (please contact the recycling in your area to suitably dispose of these after use).

To send your items, I package them in recyclable bubble-wrap, acid free tissue paper and cardboard boxes. 

My name is Shirleen, and every single process is completed by my own two hands. 

This means you will have a truly unique and personal experience for every single purchase. 

Start your natural, pet friendly journey today -  you wont be disappointed! 

            24/06/05 - 18/05/19


In Memory of Tilly